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TOP Agent of 2020

My Real Estate career has grown deeply and taken root!

In Nashville we say, an artist is a 20 year overnight success.

I can so relate!

I have become this full-time, hard-working Realtor whose life tapestry as an International Marketer, Corporate Trainer, Home-Flipper, Real Estate Investor, Stay-at-Home Mom with a Finance/MBA degree has melded into this really cool time of my life.

As affirmation of this, I am honored to share that I’ve been recognized by SOAR as a top 12% Agent in ALL the Greater Nashville Realtors.

I think Dolly would be proud!

As with any new face in Nashville, I’ve had a lot of help from mentors and colleagues who have held the bar high, coached me, encouraged and challenged me to ensure that I’m serving my clients with excellence.

And finally and most importantly, I have the most wonderful group of clients who have become friends! They have trusted me with what is for most people, their greatest financial instrument and have allowed me the privilege of walking with them through a major transition in their lives.

Thank you for your trust!

Thank you for believing in me so much that you recommend me to your friends & family!

Thank you for being the very best part of 2020!

Cheers to an even better 2021!

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