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Christmas Gift Wrapping Guide

There is nothing worse than finding that one last present you stashed in your closet and realizing you ran out of wrapping paper. These tips and tricks will help you get your gifts wrapped with ease and avoid the store. Happy Wrapping!

Recycle in Style

Find those grocery paper bags stashed under your sink or old shopping bags in the closet and get to wrapping!

Create a Activity or Game

Use objects around the house to create an interactive gifts for you littles or adults too!

Go Rustic

Keep you gift wrapping simple by using snips of your tree (from the back!) or greenery in your yard. Add a tag to make it personal.

Create a Custom Wrapping Paper

Use watercolors or paints to make your very own wrapping paper. Be sure to let it dry completely before wrapping your gifts.

Washi Tape

Use leftover washi tape to create a custom pattern that brings those gifts to life!

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