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Hendersonville is Home

Home is not a place, an amount of square footage, or a plot of land. Home is a feeling, a sound, a smell that takes us back to a sense of security and good memories.

For me, Hendersonville is HOME!

Although I work throughout the Nashville area, I home and office in Hendersonville. I love Sumner County! It has so much to offer! Great schools, reasonable property values, awesome restaurants (really!….just ask), wildlife, that wonderfully active Old Hickory Lake, and the people are just wonderful and welcoming! My husband is an avid kayak fisherman and we love all of the outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, and paddle-boarding.

With the “boom” that Nashville is experiencing, folks have found out what Sumner county residents have known for years……it is THE place to be! We’ve been trying to keep in on the DL but the word has gotten out! It is a wonderfully family- and business- friendly community that has miles and miles of lake front property. The sweet towns within Sumner county have a home-town feel that isn’t presumptuous and is a great place to raise a family. Major corporations such as The Gap & Oracle have chosen Sumner county as home.

Sure, each suburb of Nashville has it’s pros and cons but Sumner County is definitely a great place to live!

The shores of Old Hickory Lake are known for their beautiful scenery and serene surroundings. Settled in 1784 with humble roots, Hendersonville has become one of the most populous, and popular suburbs of the Nashville area. Being just down the road from Nashville, Hendersonville offers an escape from the bright lights of Nashville and has been a haven for many famous names throughout the year.

Despite the incredible growth, Hendersonville, in particular, has held on to its historic charm and small town feel. It remains a tight knit community that cares for its own. This past year, the Hendersonville community pulled together to support small local businesses through the Thrive 37075. Despite a tough year financially for many of us, small businesses have thrived here in Hendersonville and there are several new businesses that have opened despite the challenges!

We saw food pantries at Hendersonville Church of God providing donated food to community members in need, Trendy Trunk created a scholarship to send a local graduate to the Volunteer State Community College, and many other acts of selflessness even in the midst of a tough year, our community loved one another and gave back!

This ever growing community is one that I love! It’s not a hard sell to tell Buyers why they should move to Hendersonville. It’s easy to see what sets our HOME apart from the rest.

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