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Falling Back in Love with Your Home

I would imagine that these days, just like me, you are looking at the SAME FOUR WALLS more than you ever have.

When you first laid your eyes on that house your stomach was filled with butterflies. You were a bit nervous, but hopeful when you made an offer and soon it turned into wholehearted love when you moved in. But over time, that honeymoon period starts to fade. Those same four walls start to feel a little stale and dare I say it, you fell out of love with your home.

Maybe life got a little busy and you never got around to fixing that paint color in the bathroom. Maybe your kids have scribbled marker in that one corner, but if you ask them "they didn't do it!" Maybe you are just plain sick of looking at those four walls as you sit at home for another day in our COVID life.

I’m a realtor so, of course, I LOVE the idea of helping you find new walls to look at but sometimes, that just isn’t feasible. Thankfully, it is simple to fall back in love with your home. A little money and a little time can make all the difference in your four walls.

Take that risk! Listen to that part of your heart that needs a little excitement and pull the trigger. Try that bold paint color or accent wallpaper you have always loved. Change out your cabinet hardware for a fresh look or install that dreamy light fixture that you’ve had your eyes on. Add fresh pillows on your bed and a new throw blanket on your sofa.

Be ready to spice things up!

A small change can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE! To make a big impact, it doesn’t take a lot of money, just a little inspiration. Falling back in love with our home is the perfect gift to give yourself this ️ season.



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