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So you want top dollar for your house?

Well of course you do!

To get top dollar you must have your

home look like it is worth top dollar.

We hear all the time clients wants a “move in ready” or “market ready home”, what that means to 1 buyer might be totally different to another buyer. Let me help clear this up for you.

We know for sure buyers don’t want to inherit a “honey do list.” They want a home that is clean, freshly painted, on trend with newer homes. The want home they can just bring in their own personal items into and start living. They also need to feel an emotional connection to the home.

Buying a home, like buying large items, is all about emotions. You need to create that emotion for the buyers so they have an amazing experience when they view the photos online as well as when they come to tour the home. There are four things you should focus on first when getting your home ready for the marketing photos.

First, clean clean clean! We want buyers to touch the countertops, open the cabinets, open all the doors so they can walk in and spend time in each room.

Second, de-personalize! We want buyers to envision themselves in your home. I like to say, remove anything with eyes, names, or dates. We want buyers to focus on the assets in the home and not look at photos to see if they know who you are, where you went to school or dare, I say, your kid’s names.

Third, edit those treasures! We all have a lot of treasures that we love to display. Many of our collectibles are distractions in the listing photos. Again, I always say, if it is smaller than a grapefruit, then go ahead and pre-pack.

I promise, you will thank me.

One more thing to think about, how much furniture do you have in each room? Less is more when selling. We don’t want our buyers to walk around a lot furniture to get to the fireplace, the built-ins, the windows with that great view. Make sure you can see all the GREAT things in your home. Make it easy for the buyers to fall in love with your home.

Lastly, style the home for the potential buyer. Nightstands? Add a few books and a pair of glasses. Bathrooms? Add greenery. Coffee tables? Add a tray with 3 different heights of items. Kitchen counter tops? add fresh fruit. Create an area on the counter tops for a coffee station, a coffee pot, a few coffee mugs and a clean fresh tea towel. Buyers will start thinking about starting their day in your home.

For more styling tips, follow me on Instagram. Check out my Thursday Vignette for more inspiration on how to transform your space. Want to schedule a consultation on how to get you home ready? Email me!

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