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The dreaded word


Our internal voice begins to push back: Do I REALLY need to do this? I don't have that many things in my house! Packing everything at once doesn't take that long.

Don't let that voice sway you. Pre-packing your house is a great way to get it sold quickly. Why? It allows the buyer to imagine how they can use the space, not how you used it. It removes YOU from the house and allows the BUYER to envision their future in the space. They can begin to see where they may sit in the morning, not where you play with your kids or store you shoes when your walk in the front door.

Pre-packing doesn't mean empty your whole house and rent a storage unit until you sell. On a more practical level, it means paring things down to what you need everyday and packing the rest away. Keep your space light and joyful. And YES you can keep those pre-packed boxes in the garage!

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